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Child support guidelines in Oklahoma seem fairly straightforward, but if special circumstances exist or a question arises about whether accurate information has been provided, this issue can become highly contested. At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC in Oklahoma City, we advocate for parents looking to establish appropriate child support arrangements to protect the current and future well-being of their sons and daughters. Our firm advises clients on methods to address expenses associated with health insurance, child care, school tuition, sports and other enrichment activities. You should remember that a court cannot order parents to fund college costs, but you might wish to negotiate an arrangement to share higher education expenses. Whatever specific concerns you have, we provide comprehensive legal support for all types of child support matters.

How does Oklahoma calculate child support?

Oklahoma child support guidelines consider the total net income of the parents and the number of children to be supported to arrive at the presumptive amount the parents should pay each month to raise their children. That amount is then apportioned between the parents based on their relative earnings. For example, a parent earning 70 percent of the total net income would pay 70 percent of the child support expenses. Whichever parent does not have primary physical custody is the obligor and must send their share of the total child support cost to the obligee. However, if the child spends more than 120 nights in a year within each home, this is considered “shared parenting,” and the rate can be adjusted.

An experienced  family law attorney at our firm can advise you regarding the rate calculation in your case and advocate on your behalf if you believe income is being hidden or financial information is being misstated in a way that would unfairly affect the child support order. We negotiate skillfully and are prepared to go to court whenever necessary.

Enforcing child support in Oklahoma

Your obligation to pay child support last until your child turns 18 or graduates high school or an equivalent educational program. If your child is still in school, your support obligation ends when they reach age 20.

If a parent fails to pay child support, our firm explains the methods available to secure the required payment through the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Department of Human Services and other types of enforcement actions. CSED then attempts to locate that parent and can escalate the matter by asking the court to:

  • Put a lien on real or personal property
  • Revoke the parent’s business and recreational licenses
  • Suspend the parent’s driver’s license

If you are unable to pay, don’t wait for CSED to track you down. Talk to a child support attorney about the possibility of a modification.

What are the reasons for modifying an Oklahoma child support order?

Your child support order is based on your financial status at the time of your divorce. If your circumstances change substantially, the change is likely to be long-term to permanent, and the change would result in a 20 percent difference in the child support payment, you may petition for a modification of the order. Reasons for a modification of child support include:

  • Disability due to illness or injury
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Business failure
  • Significant change in either parent’s income

The court can also issue a modification if the child custody plan has been altered.

If one spouse remarries, does that change the terms of the agreement?

Child support is based on parenthood, not marital status. Your ex’s new spouse has no legal obligation to support your children. So, if your ex remarries, your obligation to your children does not change. However, in rare cases, the remarried parent might benefit financially from the marriage in such a way and to such an extent that a court might consider a modification.

Contact a skilled Oklahoma City attorney for your child support dispute

Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC provides personalized child support representation for clients in and around Oklahoma City. To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys call 405-946-5533 or contact us online.

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