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Domestic & Family Law

Dedicated and Compassionate Family Law Attorneys in Oklahoma City

Things happen sometimes. Certain situations and relationships don’t work out as planned, and unexpected events can have ripple effects that touch on numerous aspects of both our daily lives and long-term plans. This is perhaps true nowhere more than in the realm of family and domestic life, whether it relates to a divorce, child custody or paternity issues, plans for adoption, or instances of domestic violence or abuse.

As a family law firm in Oklahoma City, we are experienced and compassionate Oklahoma City family law attorneys who are intimately familiar with the legal aspects and implications of domestic and family law issues. If you need legal representation for an Oklahoma divorce, custody case, adoption or other family-related legal issue, call our office today.

Separation & Divorce Proceedings in Oklahoma City

At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, we represent clients in all types of Oklahoma separation and divorce proceedings:

  • Legal separations
  • “No-fault” divorces and uncontested divorces
  • Contested divorces
  • Applications for temporary orders
  • Annulments

In Oklahoma, divorce proceedings commence with one spouse’s filing of a petition for dissolution of marriage in Oklahoma state court. If the divorce is contested, it may also make sense to file a motion for a temporary order seeking custody, support, and payment of attorneys’ fees. There will typically be a hearing on this preliminary motion, and then the parties will engage in discovery to obtain the information they need to support their position in the divorce. After the discovery process, the divorce will typically be resolved through mediation, or at trial in court—assuming the parties are unable to reach a settlement. At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, we work closely with our clients in order to understand their goals and obtain an efficient and favorable resolution to their divorce.

If you are having problems following a divorce, we also represent clients seeking modification and enforcement of divorce decrees, support rights and obligations, property allocations, and child custody rights.

Custody and Paternity Matters

For parents seeking custody of their children, often the best and most efficient way to reach a resolution is by negotiating mutually-acceptable custody arrangement and visitation plan. However, if this is not possible, parents also have the option to resort to the courts for intervention in establishment of custody and visitation rights. At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, we listen to our clients to learn about their personal circumstances, and then work with that information to develop a strategy for obtaining the child custody rights they desire.

We also represent both fathers and mothers in Oklahoma paternity cases. We are experienced in establishing evidence of paternity, and representing clients with respect to custody, support and other Oklahoma family law issues.

Helping With the Adoption Process

At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, we provide comprehensive consultation and legal representation for all aspects of the adoption process. Click to read more about our legal services for Oklahoma adoptions.

Contact our skilled Oklahoma City family law attorneys today

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate Oklahoma City family law attorneys at Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, contact us today. Call (405) 563-7151, or click here to request a consultation with one of our Oklahoma City family law attorneys online.

  • "They always provided reliable and thorough work, and consistently provides a quick response. As a solid business partner, the firm handles our legal needs for corporate contracts and real estate acquisitions, but also handles family matters and is invested in my business as more than just another customer. I know that any time I have legal needs, I can rely on the firm to provide efficient, outstanding results." - –David Ross Chairman and CEO TriCorps Security

  • "Our CPA Firm has a long relationship with Denker & Zuhdi. We frequently use the Firm for our legal needs as well as to refer our Clients. We want our Client base to have the best Legal representation possible. The firm has always provided very Professional Services to ourselves and our Clients and we have the utmost confidence in the services provided." - –Hamilton & Associates, CPA Carl Hamilton Anna Hamilton

  • "Having been one of the largest buyers of foreclosures in the state for nearly 30 years, it is the nature of our business to be involved in litigation. We chose Rick Denker as our attorney by using the best method possible. He represented the other side. During this litigation, we saw an intelligent, hard-working man who had common sense. He attempted to resolve the case in the best interest of his client quickly instead of just running up the legal bills. During the past several years that he has represented us, we have been very pleased with his success and would highly recommend him." - –Tana Parks, owner of Ted Parks LLC and Winfield Investments LLC, Tulsa, Ok

  • "“I believe Rick takes a common sense approach to complex issues and looks for the best resolution in a timely fashion. Rick is very approachable and is easily accessible. Rick has been around in Oklahoma City awhile and knows who to talk to and where to go to take care of your legal issues.”" - –Doug Summers President, Paleo, Inc

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