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Corporate & Business Transactions

Oklahoma City Corporate Law Attorneys

At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, our corporate and transactional law practice focuses in the areas of business entity formations and maintenance, business purchases (mergers and acquisitions), and employment-related matters. We represent clients big and small, and we are available to both handle individual transactions and serve as “outside general counsel on an ongoing basis for all of your company’s corporate and transactional needs.

Serving clients in both transactional matters and commercial litigation, our Oklahoma City corporate law attorneys are able to use their substantial litigation experience to help the firm’s transactional clients avoid pitfalls and unnecessary issues in corporate documents and contracts. As experienced business lawyers, we can represent your interests thoroughly in negotiations and contract preparations to buy, sell or expand your business.

Buying and Selling Businesses

If you are an Oklahoma resident or are buying or selling a business in Oklahoma, you need legal counsel who can draft, interpret and negotiate all of the necessary contracts and documentation to finalize the deal as you intend. Taxes, liabilities, and payment terms are just a few of the key issues that can easily result in unintended consequences and expensive disputes if not properly documented. At Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC, we assist clients with all types of business transactions, including:

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Private financing
  • Security agreements
  • Restructurings and buy-outs

Forming Oklahoma Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs

If you are starting a new business or buying the assets of an existing business in Oklahoma, we can assist you with choosing and forming the business entity (corporation, partnership or LLC) that makes the most sense for your business venture. We can also assist you with changing entity types (if appropriate), and admitting new owners or removing owners of your company. Our Oklahoma business entity formation services include:

  • Forming S corporations, C corporations and professional corporations (PC)
  • Forming LLCs and partnerships
  • Preparing bylaws, partnership agreements, operating agreements and other governing documents
  • Counseling and assistance with tax ID (FEIN) and other related filings
  • Obtaining Oklahoma business licenses, permits and registrations
  • Changing entities
  • Addition and removal of business owners

Maintaining and Updating Corporate Records

Whether you formed your corporation with us or someone else, our Oklahoma City corporate law attorneys can provide legal assistance with regard to maintaining and updating your corporate records. Maintaining proper records is an important step for protecting owners from personal liability, so it is important that corporate formalities are followed. Our Oklahoma corporate records services include:

  • Updating bylaws
  • Preparing special and annual meeting minutes
  • Drafting corporate resolutions
  • Filing Annual Reports with the Oklahoma Secretary of State

Employment Issues and Non-Competes

Our attorneys provide counsel regarding employment issues and prepare employment-related contracts, including non-compete agreements. We also prepare employee drug testing policies and procedures.

Speak with One of Our Oklahoma City Corporate Law Attorneys

To discuss your business acquisition or company formation with one of our experienced Oklahoma City corporate law lawyers, contact Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC today.

Hiring Employees and Working with Independent Contractors in Oklahoma

If your business has existing staff, works regularly with independent contractors, or is on the verge of bringing on its first employees, it is important to have appropriate and adequate contracts in place to protect the business and its current and future assets. Failure to properly structure relationships and impose lawful and reasonable limitations on employees and independent contractors can lead to unnecessary risk exposure – which in turn leads to unnecessary (and costly) liabilities and disputes.

Oklahoma Employee vs. Independent Contractor

One of the first steps in bringing on outside people is to determine whether they should be classified as employees or independent contractors. Hiring “employees” has complex legal and tax obligations, but improperly classifying workers as “independent contractors” to avoid these obligations carries its own costs and penalties. As a result, it is crucial to make the proper classification. Relevant factors for classifying workers as employees or independent contractors in Oklahoma include:

  • Level of training provided
  • When and where work is performed
  • How much control is exercised over the employee/contractor
  • Whether the employee/contractor uses personal or company resources
  • Payment terms and whether benefits are provided
  • The employee/contractor’s contractual rights and obligations

We will work with you to understand the nature of your business and its relationships so that we can prepare contracts that both meet your needs and comply with the governing laws.

Oklahoma Employment Agreements and Policies

For Oklahoma employers, our Oklahoma City corporate law attorneys can prepare both simple and comprehensive employment agreements, as well as other related policies and contracts. Examples of the Oklahoma employment documents we prepare for our clients include:

  • At-will employment agreements
  • Term employment agreements
  • Stock option and benefits packages
  • Drug testing policies
  • Severance agreements
  • Employment policies

Non-Compete Agreements and Other Contracts

For both employees and independent contractors, it may be necessary to utilize one or a variety of specialized contractual provisions in order to protect your business and its valuable assets. Examples include:

  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • License agreements
  • Intellectual property assignments
  • Independent contractor agreements

As part of our legal representation, we will counsel you on the appropriate documents to use and the other steps you need to take in order to protect your business.

Breach of Employment Contract Litigation

We also represent both employers and employees involved in breach of employment contract litigation.

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To speak with one of our Oklahoma City corporate law lawyers about employment contracts and other related agreements for your business, contact Denker & Zuhdi, PLLC today.

  • "They always provided reliable and thorough work, and consistently provides a quick response. As a solid business partner, the firm handles our legal needs for corporate contracts and real estate acquisitions, but also handles family matters and is invested in my business as more than just another customer. I know that any time I have legal needs, I can rely on the firm to provide efficient, outstanding results." - –David Ross Chairman and CEO TriCorps Security

  • "Our CPA Firm has a long relationship with Denker & Zuhdi. We frequently use the Firm for our legal needs as well as to refer our Clients. We want our Client base to have the best Legal representation possible. The firm has always provided very Professional Services to ourselves and our Clients and we have the utmost confidence in the services provided." - –Hamilton & Associates, CPA Carl Hamilton Anna Hamilton

  • "Having been one of the largest buyers of foreclosures in the state for nearly 30 years, it is the nature of our business to be involved in litigation. We chose Rick Denker as our attorney by using the best method possible. He represented the other side. During this litigation, we saw an intelligent, hard-working man who had common sense. He attempted to resolve the case in the best interest of his client quickly instead of just running up the legal bills. During the past several years that he has represented us, we have been very pleased with his success and would highly recommend him." - –Tana Parks, owner of Ted Parks LLC and Winfield Investments LLC, Tulsa, Ok

  • "“I believe Rick takes a common sense approach to complex issues and looks for the best resolution in a timely fashion. Rick is very approachable and is easily accessible. Rick has been around in Oklahoma City awhile and knows who to talk to and where to go to take care of your legal issues.”" - –Doug Summers President, Paleo, Inc

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